This week on architecture and style: The Frank Lloyd Wright digital catalogue is almost as good as the hardcover

In collaboration with the exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Frank Lloyd Wright: Unpacking the archives, a new online version of the catalog of the exhibition is now available for preview and purchase.

Unlike a standard ebook, this digital version is designed specifically for an art book reading experience. While the catalog is available in print - and there is nothing to do with physical pages - the digitized version offers a user-friendly interface whose features compensate for lack of tactility.

Published via Musebooks, perhaps the best feature of this digital version is the ability to switch between text view, image view and page view while remaining in the same section. The Image View gathers all the illustrations in the catalog into a single web page and allows readers to zoom into detailed drawings without losing much of the resolution, an essential feature for the most demanding readers.

The catalogue and exhibition focus on Wright's extensive practice and present architectural drawings, models, furniture, movies and television shows. Focusing on the objects of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation archives, they include essays written by architectural professors and critics such as Mabel O. Wilson, Michael Desmond and Ken Tadashi Oshima, accompanied by nearly 300 illustrations .

An overview of the digital version of Frank Lloyd Wright: The unpacking of the archive is available via Musebooks, where it is also sold for $ 25.99. (The hard cover, meanwhile, will set you back for $ 44.15 on Amazon.)