Closca's first folding helmet for children appears with its own collection of stickers


The helmet brand Closca has launched a children's version of its foldable bike helmet which is accompanied by urban theme stickers for personalization.

The children's range - created in partnership with the Spanish creative consultancy CuldeSac - includes all the same features of the original design Fuga de Closca, launched for the first time in 2015.

The helmets of the brand are made from three concentric parts that allow it to collapse to half its size for easy storage and transport but remain robust enough to be protected against accidents.

Closca gave the helmet a theme of the city, transforming children's drawings from their ideal cities into a set of sticker designs created by Spanish illustrator Cecilia Plaza.

Images include hot air balloons, trees and a parade of different animals, which all children can use to personalize their own helmet. It also comes with a removable visor in light green or orange.

NFC technology is incorporated into the headset, allowing it to be registered to include owner information in the event of an accident. This also means that the headset can connect to applications, public cycle stations and emergency numbers.

Closca won several awards, including a Red Dot Design Award in 2015. Since its launch, the company has steadily expanded its range, launching new versions and accessories that protect cyclists from the cold and winter.

Another folding helmet was rewarded with the James Dyson Prize of 2016. Designed by Pratt Institute of Design teacher Isis Shiffer, the hairstyle is made from layers of recycled paper woven into a honeycomb-like structure .

The Lumos - which won the design category of Beazley price transportation of the year 2016 - is another alternative to traditional bike helmets. It incorporates brake lights and indicators to alert drivers when cyclists stop or rotat