This week on architecture & style: tallest skyscraper in LA opens

The Wilshire Grand Center, America's tallest building west of the Mississippi, officially opened in Los Angeles.

The glass-enclosed skyscraper designed by local firm AC Martin is surmounted by an arrow that exceeds its height at 3399 meters, exceeding the tower of the American bank by more than 80 feet (24 meters).

Located at 900 Wilshire Boulevard, on the edge of downtown skyscrapers, its 73 floors include shops and offices, and an InterContinental hotel.

The 889-room hotel features restaurants, bars, an open-air observation bridge and a rooftop swimming pool. Above, a sail glass crown is illuminated by programmable LEDs, which continue down the spine.

Construction of the project cost about $ 1.2 billion (£ 940 million) and began in 2014. It was recognized as the largest building in the city in September 2016.

The US Bank Tower, which has occupied the title since its completion in 1989, recently opened a viewing bridge and was equipped with an outer glass slide of 1,000 feet up.

A visualization released earlier this year shows how the Los Angeles skyline is expected to increase between now and 2030.

The major projects of BIG and Frank Gehry are among those that will contribute to the

The west coast of America still has a way to reach the towers of the east coast. The world record holder, One World Trade Center in New York, is 1,776 feet (541 meters), but it is only the fourth largest in the world.