This week on architecture and style: MAD designs furniture fit for a life on Mars

The founder of MAD Ma Yansong has designed a range of furniture inspired by science fiction, designed to
be used. Humans colonize Mars.

The MAD Martian collection, for the ALL Gallery in Beijing, launched at Design Miami / Basel 2017, which is currently taking place in Switzerland.

Consisting of a dining table, chaise longue, candlestick, floor-to-ceiling lights and a console, the collection generated a research project on the potential of the dwelling of Mars.

The starting point of Ma was to question what will happen if the human beings have moved to Mars and if the furniture they use with them can arouse a love for their new and old.

"I have never been to Mars, what do we discover? Are we getting you there? A red landscape, a calm horizon, frozen glaciers? Probably everything is as beautiful in the way, as there is Earth and thousands of years, "said Founder MAD.

"I want to bring to Mars the earthly landscape, as I imagined in my room as a child."

Looking at the science fiction of the 20th century, Yansong designed fluid shapes made from aluminum, bronze and stainless steel.

Ceiling-mounted ceiling lamps - conceived as a tribute to the space race of the 1960s - feature three polyurethane pendants, and a table rests on a rocky landscape.

The golden candelabra are designed to look at home in the interiors of a distant future, and a silver lounge chair is covered in leather.

"Sometimes I think Ma Yansong can talk with extraterrestrials," said Wang Wang, founder of Gallery ALL. "His architectural works are in the extreme avant-garde in a way that makes the public outdoors." They entered another world. "I challenged him to design a living space for the Martians ".

The MAG Martian Collection is the latest series of Gallery ALL commissions for established Chinese designers. He made his debut at Design Miami / Basel this week.

Ma founded MAD in 2004. The company's most notable projects include Harbin's winding opera in China and absolute travel in Canada.

The company recently published a monograph on past, present and future work. He is currently working on the new George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, to be built in Los Angeles.