Stella McCartney to make use of ocean plastic for upcoming fashion line

Having already designed ocean plastic trainers, fashion designer Stella McCartney has revealed that she will collaborate with Parley for the oceans on a long-term project called Ocean Legends.

The British designer, known for his ethical approach to fashion, made the announcement before today's World Oceans Day.

The partnership will see McCartney's label use oceanic plastic instead of woven or recycled polyester in its products.

"Fashion is an industry that has a major impact on the health of the planet and its system of life - the oceans," she said.

"Our goal has always been to encourage ourselves and the industry to do better, to constantly ask ourselves how we can improve. We want to be responsible and accountable for the elements we create and the ways in which we We must start somewhere in order to progress. "

The Ocean Legends collection builds on McCartney's existing relationship with Parley for the oceans via Adidas.

In addition to being made from straight marine plastic materials, each piece in the collection will be devoted to the pioneers of the ocean movement as a "symbol of recognition."

The first, which commemorates Greenpeace's co-founder, Paul Watson, is an update on the existing Falabella Go backpack.

Made from recycled polyester fabric recovered from the sea, it will feature Falabella's braided chain through its pocket, as well as Sea Shepherd badges, also made of ocean plastic.

The bag should be launched in 2017, but McCartney says it will not be obvious that it is part of this collaboration - and buyers probably will not know if they read the tag.

"We are in a setting where we can deliver something to people," she told The New York Times. "It's not too expensive a piece or 50 pieces that seem to have been woven into your living room."

McCartney has already worked with Parley on a pair of trainers for Adidas, while Adidas has worked with the company on a number of products, including - more recently - swimwear.

Parley's founder, Cyrill Gutsch, said designers and brands had to get rid of the plastic "drug" in an interview with dezeen. His company has also partnered with G-Star RAW to produce denim clothing collections.

Plastic waste is increasingly concerned about environmentalists and designers, who have created products to raise public awareness of the problem and have proposed a variety of solutions.

An Australian duo created a floating trash that filters the litter from the marinas, while a 20-year-old inventor proposed a range of 100 km floating barriers to facilitate the cleaning effort.