Diversity of use and landscape define the new rafting stadium of Denmark

AART-based architects based in Denmark were selected to design the country's national rowing stadium, with strong competition from prominent companies such as BIG and Kengo Kuma. Located on Lake Bagsværd on the outskirts of Copenhagen, the project aims to enable the sports elite and the general public to interact closely with a picturesque natural environment.

Flanked by water and forest on all sides, Denmark Rowing Stadium blends into rowing with other forms of social and scenic experience. An open and inviting rowing center forms a focal point of the project, surrounded by an activity space, a promenade and a park, while corners and hollows throughout the building create places Informal encounters. Indoor spaces often open to the natural environment, providing a transition between clean and expansive lake and dense recreational forest. As such, the user is immersed in a tension area between the lake and the forest, giving the construction an inherent transparency.

It is much more than a rowing stage. It is a sports center that mixes different types of sports with social and scenic experiences. This shows that sport - for the elite and the public - is not only about strength and endurance, but also about social well-being and mental health. It is the whole person, and it is precisely the starting point of the new national stage of rowing that, as a globally inclusive framework in everyday life, contributes to improving the performance of the individual athlete - Architects AART.

"Rather than being dug into the landscape, the rowing center rests on the grid structure of the boats room, with a wooden covering integrating the scheme more into its surroundings. A wooden referee tower will also be built, inspired by the thriving trees of the forest. Unlike the horizontal lines of spectator stands, the referee tower will be lined with vertical wooden slats, joining the main structure. Complete with a climbing wall, pull-up bars and a covered deck, the tower illustrates AART's vision of a versatile center that, while integrated with the environment, is a distinctive landmark for Danish sports excellence."

News via: AART architects.