This week on architecture and style: Adamo Faiden finishes undulating plaza in Buenos Aires' financial district

The Argentinean studio Adamo Faiden designed a public place climbing to cover an underground car park in Catalinas Norte, the financial center of Buenos Aires.

The urban landscape, called Plaza Catalinas, consists of triangular plantation segments and is located at the foot of a glass tower in the business district.

Designed to challenge the rigidity of its metropolitan environment, the architects Sebastián Adamo and Marcelo Faiden introduced a random layout, with variations in height and surface finishes.

"The irregular geometry of the plot contrasts with the orthogonal footprint of the tower, which frees the surrounding area with an indefinite identity," Adamo Faiden told quoted.

"The design process involves compressing and expanding this model horizontally and vertically," they continued. "In this way, access to vehicles, ephemera, lighting racks, all types of ventilation, pedestrian circuits and vegetation could be integrated into the project."

The undulations and spatial organization of the square make space three levels of underground parking, which serves the densely built area.

In addition, the layout of Plaza Catalinas forms an unconventional footbridge, thus creating a new pedestrian way through the financial center.

This bridge is finished in a pavement positioned at different angles, which prevents the dictation of a specific walker of direction to follow, which adds to its ambiguity and its irregular aesthetics.

It was necessary that at least half of the integrated vegetation Plaza Catalinas, that Adamo Faiden used as another opportunity to challenge the uniformity of its environment.

The architects have introduced a variety of plants in each segment of the square, selecting breeds that can withstand the warm and rainy climate of Buenos Aires with little maintenance.

Adamo Faiden, based in Buenos Aires, is also renowned for his residential projects, with recent projects, including the transformation of a vacant roof of a 15-storey house into a house for a young couple, An aging townhouse to create a spacious family home.

Photograph by Javier Agustín Rojas.