stunning portraits shows what world leaders would look like with their skin removed

"One millimeter" - the idea of ​​Australian director alex wadelton and Irish director / artist retouche marcus byrne - intends to motivate viewers to look beyond skin color, ethnicity and gender .

In a shocking series of portraits, world leaders are depicted with their skin removed, removing the "millimeter" of skin that covers all humans. Coinciding with the start of the G7 Summit in Sicily on 26 May, the project's goal is underscored by the message: we are all members of the same race - the human race - and we should treat each other with respect.

Donald Trump, President of the United States

"I was watching the news one night, watching the state of politics in the United Kingdom, the United States, and here in Australia, with what is happening in Syria and the massive displacement of tens of millions of people through The world, "says Alex Wadelton. "It feels like the world is in a knife at the moment, and our leaders are asking themselves to protect their own country rather than the future of humanity." It seemed to me that the only difference between us is literally the skin in which We are.This millimeter of skin covers every human being.Step it away and what lies under us all is a fragile creature.

Reflecting on the theme, Wadelton thought of his good friend Marcus Byrne to bring this idea to life. Through the weeks of experimentation, Byrne finally developed a technique that involved the discovery of existing state portraits of world leaders, and the separation of patterns from the human body on top, with multiple shots from different cuts of Meat to improve the image. "We wanted to show the fragile humanity," Byrne said. "There is so much negativity in the world at the moment, we thought that by stripping this outer layer of skin, that millimeter that envelops us all, we could show how we are all the same inside."

Vladimir putin, president of the Russian Federation

"Every work of art was a labor of love," continues Byrne. "I have experimented with many photoshop techniques to ensure that even with the elimination of the skin, you can immediately tell who was every world leader. The result is a series that is quite confronted and different from any other.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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