New renderings revealed for L.A.’s massive Crossroads Hollywood project

International firm Roth Clementi Hale Studios (RCH) of SOM and L.A. has released new representations representing the massive corporate reorganization of the historic Crossroads of the World complex in Hollywood, California.

The 1.43 million square foot project, currently priced between $ 500 million and $ 600 million to expand, is aimed at reorienting, updating and extending the Crossroads of the World complex by adding a collection of new programs and tours Of high height.

Sitemap. (Courtesy SOM / Rios Clementi Hale)

Crossroads of the World was designated Historical and Cultural Monument of the city and was designed in 1936 by the architect Robert V. Derrah as the first external and mixed office of the area, according to the Los Angeles Conservancy. The complex, which includes a collection of squat, rationalized, Spanish, Moorish and French Renaissance structures, will be joined to the surrounding blocks by a group of high towers and half-height podium structures.

Overall, the so-called Crossroads project in Hollywood aims to add 950 units, 94,000 square feet of office space and 185,000 square feet of commercial use on the site of approximately eight acres. The project includes a trio of towers, including a 26-storey hotel tower containing 308 rooms, a 30-storey tower with 190 condominiums and a 32-storey tower containing 760 units, including podiums. The project site plan includes a diagonal pavement cutting the site that connects the Crossroads of the World with the new housing towers. The paseo is lined with retail factories on the ground floor overlooked by balconies of apartments. The credits, stained glass windows and hotel towers rise from these integrated lower levels, depending on the renderings.

Sunset Boulevard, through a collection of new and controversial developments, is becoming a new vertical spine across Los Angeles. The Hollywood area, in particular, is experiencing a rush in a high-rise building, while developers are preparing to meet an insatiable demand for new homes. These projects, however, have encountered problems, as the new density has caused local residents to hesitate to see their neighborhoods change. Projects such as Palladium Residences of Natoma Architects and Frank Gehry's Sunset 8150 near West Hollywood have attracted local residents, for example.

David Schwartzman, CEO of the Harridge Development Group, is not, however, confronted with the potential controversy. The developer behind the project told Los Angeles Business Journal: "In Hollywood, you always have problems with projects and people complaining, but we follow the rules." He added, "We are not making an amendment to the We provide general housing affordable housing. We have reflected on the needs of the community. At the end of the day, you will not make all people happy. "

The recent completion of the RCH Square Square of Columbia - another tour-on-the-historical project developed a few blocks east of Hollywood - was rewarded, so maybe there is still Hope for this project. Harridge aims to complete construction on the project by 2022, although a formal construction schedule for development has not been published.