New petition to transform suburban infrastructure in New York

Courtesy Rethink Studio 

The creation of a new or renovated Pennsylvania station for New York has become a basic element for local daily news.

It is often presented as an architectural problem: the need for an alternative to the seriously flawed 1968 building on the site, or a quick fix for its 21 aging railways. But ReThink Studio, a think tank on transport, has a well thought out proposal that considers a future for the station as a knot in a much wider regional plan. It is clear that any proposal to transform the station makes no sense unless its relationship with a much larger area is considered and well thought out. It is not just an architectural issue, it is a planning issue that needs to be addressed by all levels of government.

Today, New York's rail infrastructure is a nightmare. The resolution of this problem begins with Phase 1 of the Amtrak Bridge project for two new Hudson River tunnels. Former Vice President Joe Biden said we all need to support this effort.

You can watch a video of the ReThink Studio plans below. If you are convinced by its findings, there is now a way to contact our elected officials and ask them to support the plan. By signing this petition, the studio will send a letter to President Donald Trump; Senator Mitch McConnell; Representatives Paul Ryan, Bill Shuster, Rodney Frelinghuysen; And Senators Mitch McConnell, James Inhofe and Thad Cochran.