L.A.’s Exposition Park inquires new master plan

The Office of Exposition Park Management, a public outfit that oversees the Los Angeles Exhibition Center, has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) proposing 160-acre general planning services as many large-scale projects announce gentrification For the 108 years Park.

The RFP accessible through the California State Supply Page here-will generate the park's first master plan since 1993, a process that initiated the renovation and expansion of CO Natural Architects and Mia Lehrer + Museum Associates. Natural history and its motives, among other projects. According to officials, the 1993 Master Plan was mostly completed and now, as transformative projects like the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art designed by MAD Architects and the Los Angeles Football Club Stadium, designed by Gensler, Come closer to reality, it's time to launch a new Vision for one of the most staggered parks in Los Angeles.

In a press release, Fabian Wesson, Chair of the Board of Directors of California Science Center and Exposition Park, said: "We are excited about the development of a 360-degree plan for Exposition Park, Have sought out a plan that "recognizes the dynamic fabric of [the] community" while accommodating the host of new uses and structures added to the park.

The Olympia Complex is one of many high-rise tower projects that reach the Figueroa de L.A. Corridor (Courtesy City Century)

The exhibition grounds and surrounding neighborhoods have witnessed the beginnings of large-scale change and gentrification in recent years, as the residential and lively construction of downtown Los Angeles Extended to the south and west of the city center. The southwest corner of the city center, where the LA Complex is located, Los Angeles Convention Center, and soon, more than 20 new luxury hotels and upscale condo - is currently a sea of ​​construction cranes . The Expo Line Light Rail, which connects the financial and entertainment districts to downtown Santa Monica, runs north of the Exposition Park and opens in 2012. Upon entry, the University of California South focuses on its Village project of US $ 700 million USC For an opening in the fall of 2017.

The next football stadium in Los Angeles will replace the recent demolitions,
Welton Becket Memorial Stadium Los Angeles Memorial. (Courtesy Los Angeles Football Club)

As a result of these changes, it is feared that the areas of most working classes around the park will be gentrified, as the influx of blockbuster construction projects is spreading around and around the neighborhood. It is feared that the new square projects - the Lucas Museum and the football stadium in particular - will fundamentally change and essentially privatize the character of the public park. These new uses do not actually take up existing open spaces, the Lucas Museum is ready to add 11 acres of planted areas to what is currently a collection of surface parking lots while the LAFC stadium takes the place of the recently demolished Welton Becket LA Memorial Sports Arena. The new structures, however, will add a heavy commercial element to an overflowing park of museums such as the California African American Museum, the California Science Center and other amenities such as Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Shrine Auditorium.

A mandatory pre-proposal conference is scheduled for Wednesday, May 24, 2017 for those wishing to respond to the RFP. Requests for proposals will be received on June 16, 2017.

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