Illinois Governor compensates Thompson Center for public school fund

In an act of political struggle that characterizes the relationship between the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois, Governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner announced that if the city allowed the sale of the James R. Thompson center of Helmut Jahn , It would provide the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) with additional funds. Last week, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said he would block the sale of the postmodern building for fear of having to replace the large underground station CTA underneath.

In recent years, the city and state have played a major role in the financing of the often besieged public school system. In his address, Governor Rauner promised to pay an additional $ 45 million a year until 2040 if the city allowed the sale of the building. Only a few months ago Rauner vetoed a bill that would have given $ 215 million to the CPS pension fund.

The battle on the Thompson Center officially began in October 2015, when Rauner announced its intention to sell the building. He described the building as "ineffective" and "simply not usable for many things". The building faces a deferred maintenance bill of more than $ 100 million and costs the state about $ 12 million a year to operate. Despite this cost, the building contains one of the largest public civic spaces inside the city, and many feared selling the building to a private developer would be a major loss to the city.