free school of architecture decides to change locations

Architect and educator Peter Zellner, based in Los Angeles, announced that the Free School of Architecture (FSA) would be in motion.

According to a FSA press release, the inaugural cohort of the school has gone from an original rating of 20 to over 70 and as a result FSA will now take courses in The Container Yard (TCY), a collaborative art space Of 60,000 square feet In the Los Angeles arts district.

The FSA was initially planned to operate from the Architecture + Design Museum.

In announcing the move, Ash Chan, the owner of TCY said: "[TCY] has always represented freedom of creativity and the search for curiosity and knowledge. The opportunity to contribute to the evolution of accessible universities is Such an honor ".

Zellner added, "We hope that [FSA] can contribute to TCY's spirit of public engagement and collaboration. TCY's important interior and exterior spaces will enable us to experiment with the configurations of classes, conferences and workshops, creating a literally and conceptually open learning model. "

The relocation takes place as the FSA organizes its inaugural session on June 1st. The school will host an opening symposium entitled "FREE" on that day, focusing on "the state and future of architecture education". According to the publication, the symposium will explore new forms of education and pedagogy, discuss disciplinary and professional issues and address the socioeconomics of education, post-digital education and post-studio education.