Daan Roosegaarde's Smog Free Bike would introduce clean air as you pedal

Daan Roosegaarde unveiled the next concept in his Smog Free project: a bicycle that would inhale polluted air, clean it and free it around the cyclist.

The Smog Free Bike is the latest concept of Roosegaarde in his quest for unpolluted cities, which has already seen him design a smoke-free tower he has installed in Rotterdam, and more recently in Beijing.

The tower, which essentially functions as a large vacuum cleaner, creates a clean air pocket nearby, offering a respite from dangerous levels of pollution.

The polluted air is sucked into the top of the tower, and then purified air is released through the vents on all four sides.

The Smog Free would work similarly to Roosegaarde's smoke-free tower, which inhales polluted air and exhales cleaned air through its vents
While the bike is currently in the concept stage, it would work similarly to the tower - ensuring that the air surrounding the cyclist is clean and safe.

"The bike is a perfect model," Roosegaarde said "It has a dual function because it cleans the air and reduces congestion while being healthy and energy-efficient."

The Dutch designer, who runs his own studio Roosegaarde studio, sees the bike being implemented through cycling programs in China such as Mobike.

"The bicycle is part of the Dutch DNA of course, and Beijing and other cities in China were cycling towns," he said. "We want to recall its prestige and follow our ethics of ensuring that citizens are separated from the solution instead of the problem."

"It will always be linked to big government programs and green technology and electric cars. They go from top to bottom, we go from bottom to top, and we find ourselves in the middle."

Roosegaarde first presented a proposal for an "electronic vacuum cleaner" to remove the smog from the skies in 2013. This turned into a tower, which was unveiled in 2015 with a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

He used the smog particles he collected to create rings, which were originally given as rewards for Kickstarter supporters.

His series of other environmentally conscious projects spans from shining trees in dark trees to a group of wind turbines that he has transformed into a light installation.

News via Dezeen