Corian Dominated Custom Kitchen Island Revealed by Zaha hadid

Through a visit to the MAXXI Art Museum of Zaha Hadid in Rome and the Heyder Aliyev Center in Baku, as well as the exploration of materiality and composition through practice, Boffi_Code Kitchen is a personalized kitchen island created by Zaha Hadid Design and Boffi, an Italian furniture company founded in 1934.

"Boffi_code offers customization to the highest standards, adapting individual solutions with selected materials, finishes and cabinets," says Zaha Hadid Design. "The Boffi_Code kitchen by Zaha Hadid Design marries exceptional details and a design with functionality, carefully selected materials and traditional craftsmanship."

Constructed mainly of white corian, an acrylic polymer often used for countertops and surfaces, the island has an additional selection of finishes to complete its main structure. The doors are available in wood, in Ecolak mat lacquer and in glossy polyester polished stainless steel, offering a softer contrast with the hardness of the Corian.

The sink is surrounded by a marble or stone countertop, both of which are materials adapted to a lighter use space and remain unchanged by different levels of humidity and water. They are also heat resistant, which increases their durability.