A Quick Look At Paris Hilton's L.A Home

Do you expect the Paris Hilton house to be something less than extravagant? The former television reality star who became a DJ turned entrepreneur recently showed her eight-year-old Los Angeles house to W magazine, and the residence is a gilded museum decorated with chandeliers in honor of Paris itself. There is a sign "Princess Paris" to invite guests inside, where the walls have several portraits of the heiress, including work promoting one of his Prosecco companies.

"Take a few steps further inside and it is obvious that every surface of Hilton's house is covered with images of herself. In the living room, a picture in a dazzling frame with Nancy Reagan holding her like a A giant cardboard cutout in the club room, a picture of her and Michael Jackson in a gentle embrace, and on the way to the kitchen, an enormous portrait composed of hundreds of Smaller portraits.But perhaps the most amazing is the framed cell phone mirrors, one of which reflects infinitely in a guest bathroom lined with mirrors on the floor.

"It's my job and I'm proud of that," Hilton said to W. And the qualities of the establishment do not end there.
W describes her shelf stocked with "a selection of the series For Dummies (Nutrition, Pilates, Poker and the Bible), as well as a copy of Valley of the Dolls." And the kitchen countertops are accessorized with three bottles of Jonathan Adler labeled "Uppers, Poppers and Quaaludes" as well as a "block of wood" that reads like "Live the life you imagined."

Even Hilton's famous dogs, which made pets as an early phenomenon, live an enviable life for a hotel heiress. W reports that her five pockets "reside in a two-story mansion next to the pool." Naturally. (No word if the dogs also have an internal recording studio to match their owner's configuration).
But Hilton apparently tired of her senseless lifestyle. She tells W that she intends to redecorate to reflect on a more "mature" attitude and a "totally different atmosphere". She says she plans to replace part of her self-portrait by illustrating her booming collection: "Right now, I'm just looking, but I love Warhol, Damien Hurst and Alex Israel. "
News via W magazine