Working Up To Fitness

One thing that people get wrong about fitness is that they believe they need dozens of material to get a good workout.

In fact, one of the most basic and effective training facilities is found in almost every home on earth - a staircase.

Here are some advantages of using stairs or steps as a workout tool.

Staircase training increases your heart rate, fast
Walking, jogging and running are all perfect ways to get a decent cardiovascular workout.

Climbing a staircase or using a staircase machine (have I mentioned that many Pure Gym sites have those available?) Is just a more effective way to do the Work, however.

The key is in the extra resistance of the climbing movement, which makes you work against gravity by "pushing" your body up, one leg at a time, against its own weight. At the same time, the greater range of movements in the lower body joints forces your muscles to strive more to complete the movement.

In other words, walking or climbing a staircase is more difficult than walking or running along a flat road.

One advantage of this extra flexibility is that you will be able to burn more calories and increase your heart rate in less time when using a staircase than when you are using a treadmill.

It's suggested that at least twice as many calories are burned on a stairway as on a conventional walk over a period of time, with a 165 lb. person burning 657 calories per hour on a stair climber and 314 On a 3.5 mph ride. [1]

You can work all the lower body with the stairs
The movement of climbing a staircase activates just about all the lower body muscles, which means that workouts at the stairs can be a great addition to your leg training regime, helping to strengthen the strength and Endurance while improving cardiovascular fitness.

Specifically, when you climb the stairs, you engage your gluteus maximus, hamstring, quadriceps and, to a lesser extent, your abdominals.

Depending on how you choose to train using stairs, the entire workout can also have a very low impact, which means that your joints are resistant to less abuse than when jogging.

With stairs, you can train for strength, power or endurance
One of the great things about training with stairs is that you can use them for a variety of different exercises, either to explosive power, intense cardio work, or to strengthening the lower body strength.

Just be careful what you do and keep the risks in mind before you start.

To use stairs to do an HIIT workout that will leave you panting for air, rest at the foot of the flight and climb up and down the first (or second) stage as quickly as possible until You are too exhausted to continue. At this point, you should continue the exercise at a slow pace until you catch your breath, then repeat the "sprint".

To use the stairs to work on developing an explosive power, stand at the base of the stairs, crouch down, and jump with both feet at once to reach the highest stage you can reach in one thick headed. Then go down and repeat. This basically involves using your stairs to make a "box jump". Be especially careful in this exercise because there is always a risk of wrong or wrong judgment and slip. Do this barefoot exercise, or wear shoes with good grip.

To use stairs to do a targeted workout for the lower body, do "stair slides", climbing several steps at a time and making a deep loop at each step. The deeper the ball, the greater the distance between the legs and the more repetitions you make, the more you will exhaust and work your muscles