why active rest is necessary and how to get it

You will be happy to learn that rest days are an essential part of your physical journey. That is true! Get rid of the guilt you have not to hit gymnastics seven days a week. But if you think that rest days are meant to be completely perpendicular on the couch, think again. Taking a day of recovery does not always mean absolutely nothing. It's time to start incorporating active rest days into your workout plan!

Why is the rest important?

When you do not give your body time to recover from your workouts, you run the risk of overtraining. Symptoms of overtraining may include prolonged muscle pain, weakened immune system, poor quality sleep, decreased performance during workouts, or even worse, injury. Not good!

The integration of active and passive rest days will give your body time to repair, recover and develop. The scheduled rest days also give you permission to take a mental break from your tax workouts and allow you to re-enter and be pumped for the next training session.

What is active rest?

Active rest days are light and easy in comparison to cardiac pumping exercises. They will vary somewhat given your level of experience. The active day of rest of someone who just started will be different and actually more intense from someone who crushes his exercises five days a week. The goal is to move you just enough to get your blood pumping and boost the recovery process of your body.

The active and passive rest option offers other benefits, including increasing your mood, increasing energy levels and helping you meet your nutritional goals during your active days.

What can I do on active days off?

Back up Netflix binges for another time; You are fit, active and full of energy. In other words, keep it moving!

The following ideas will help you take full advantage of your time away from the squat rack:

> Spend time concentrating on dynamic warm-ups, mobility exercises, foam rolling and basic strengthening exercises

> Stroll through the park, or near the lake / beach

> Ask friends to get together outside the gym by climbing, kayaking, hiking or bowling

> Take the time to bring the dog to the dog park

> Spend time living with children for quality active time

> Take a special trip in a trampoline park

> Play a game of kickball

> Hit the local playground

> Go dancing for the night or with friends

> Go for a lower intensity workout such as swimming, jogging, biking, a bodyweight workout or a jump on the elliptical

> Do a restorative yoga class for your muscles and mind
Head to the gym for a light workout where you focus on breathing, form and being present

> Plan a massage for yourself to really help these muscles relax you
How long do I have to "rest"?

Active rest days are different for each gymnasium. For those of you attacking an intense program every day, your active rest day might be mild. If you are new to #fitfam and your exercises have been light to moderate, you can take a more active approach. Aim for 15 to 60 minutes of activity.

Active rest is essential for everyone!

Choose an activity that allows you to move around, makes you happy, helps you relieve stress and stops counting games and rehearsals every day. Give yourself permission to step back and enjoy your fitness trail. Your body and your spirit will thank you!