Today on Architecture & Style: Tents design guest bedrooms with panoramic views at Peggy Deamer's New Zealand retreat

The main living areas of this compact holiday home near the port of Kaipara of New Zealand are arranged perpendicularly to a plate-form which offers space for three rooms used to accommodate guests.

Yale School of Architecture professor Peggy Deamer often works near Auckland and allows himself to build a simple and affordable rural retreat easily accessible from the city.

By cycling around the Kaiwaka region a weekend, it is an ideal meeting place and a development regulation a design informed by the current practice of New Zealanders to visit and camp in summer homes Of their friends.

"I have very little income available, so [the house] spent is as modest as possible," one Deamer explained.

"I could not afford a" hangar "with a room, but I wanted to make sure that friends and family to visit.The solution was to build a platform that could hold three tents to the guest rooms.

The main part of the house presents a direct mono-launched shape influenced by a prefabricated property that Deamer almost decided to buy and install on the site.

"In the end, I designed my own home," said the architect in Dezeen, "but the efficiency and the appropriate quality of the one that got me the impression, the central side being on the side in Up and windy, with the open side facing the view. "

The structure of the building includes a dining room, a living room and a bedroom arranged in a row, with bathroom, kitchen and storage lined up in an adjoining parallel service chute.

Standardized materials, including corrugated sheet metal, were chosen for their accessibility and durability, as well as for the architect's desire for the lining of rural hangars.

"It was cheaper for me, the better," adds Deamer. "If this house was based on the idea that it was a country where one had the opportunity to be sumptuous or sentimental."

The platform on which are the tenants are mounted necessary, because there is not enough flat ground for other editions.

The wooden structure is positioned perpendicularly to the main house, so that both offer a panoramic view to the neighboring port.

The rack has bought the trends of the US canvas pendant design process and the one chosen for their simplicity and affordability.

Each offer can accommodate two or three single beds and be large enough to stand upright. The festivities are not used, they can be broken down and removed so that the platform can become a solarium.

"The tents make a one-bedroom house in a four-bedroom house if needed," Deamer said. "I only wish the guests in the tents feel in the campsite, but rather in a real room".

A large cylindrical cardboard tank at the lowest part of the site contains water flowing from the roofs of the building, while a smaller tank located next to the main house was adapted for use as storage.

Such reservoirs are a common feature on the properties in the region. Rather than the standard concrete or plastic options, Deamer chose her product to a comment to an attractive detail to the scheme.