The Worlds Longest Elevated Cycling Path Launches in China

This month, in Xiamen City, the first bike trail in China was inaugurated. The structure is now nearly 8 kilometers long and is now the longest bike lane in the world.

The construction of this exclusive bike path was promoted by the Xiamen City Government to provide residents with a new sustainable transportation alternative that could significantly reduce vehicular traffic on the already congested roads of the city.

The project was designed by the Danish firm Dissing + Weitling, the team behind 2014 "Bicycle Snake" in Copenhagen. Speaking of their latest projects, the architects explain that it was developed "with a vision to inspire people to prioritize green alternatives, such as bicycles, instead of automobiles."

As a result, links to other public transport systems can be established at 13 points along the bicycle path, thus helping to facilitate intermodality in the daily commuting of residents through three financial centers and five residential areas of the city. city.

Eleven of the exchange points available correspond to bus stops on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) road running along a road parallel to the bicycle path. The other two connect to the Xiamen metro network.

It also has 11 spiral ramps to allow uninterrupted driving, public bicycle stations with 355 bicycles, 253 parking spaces spread over seven platforms and 30,000 lights to make the structure safe for cycling at night.

Although the new infrastructure is intended primarily for cyclists, accommodating up to 2,023 cyclists per hour, several lanes have been included for pedestrian traffic marked with different colors on the sidewalk to avoid accidents.

During the trail test period, it will be open from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm every day. It is expected that, in the first half of 2017, 3.5 million cyclists will use the new infrastructure.

Take a tour of the new bike trail in Xiamen in the video below.
News Via Archdaily