SHoP unveils plans for Detroit's tallest tower on downtown historic site

For nearly 100 years, retail store JL Hudson in downtown Detroit has become the main shopping - 25-story structure at a time holding the record for the largest retail building in the world. Then, in 1983, after a slowdown in the Detroit economy, the department store was closed. Its implosion followed in 1998. In the years that followed, the important site put mainly vacant, with the exception of an underground parking structure inserted in the former underground store of retail levels. But now the plans have been revealed to return the site to its former glory.

Announced yesterday by the Detroit-based Bedrock development group, the site is expected to receive a brand new 1.2 million square foot project designed by SHoP Architects consisting of a nine-story podium and a 52-story tower 734 feet Would claim the title of Detroit's tallest building.

"For the long-time Detroiters, we remember what Hudson represented. It was not only a department store - it was the economic engine of Detroit. It attracted residents and visitors to the downtown area, where they spent a day shopping at Hudson's and visiting the shops, restaurants and theaters around it, "says Dan Gilbert, founder and president of Rock Ventures And Quicken Loans and founding partner of Bedrock.

"Our goal is to create a development that surpasses the economic and even experiential impact Hudson had on the city. We believe that this project is so unique that it can help bring Detroit back on the national map - and even world - for world class architecture, talent attraction, technological innovation and job creation.

Aimed at reinvigorating Woodward Avenue and its downtown core, the massive complex would be one of the largest construction projects in the city for decades. An economic impact study conducted by WSP-Parsons Brinkerhoff, based in New York, estimated that development could attract three million unique visitors a year, while generating $ 560 million per year for the region.

The joint development, contemplated by SHoP in partnership with Hamilton Anderson Associates, based in Detroit, would contain a full range of program elements, including retail, residential, parking and what Bedrock calls "an experiential destination centered on Technology, Arts and Culture. "

The 52-storey tower would occupy the residential component of the project, representing 250 units totaling 441,500 gross square feet. The podium below would house 733,823 gross square feet of mixed use, commercial space, offices, technology, arts and culture. Three levels below the level of schooling would provide an additional commercial floor and two levels of parking for 700 vehicles.

"The driving force behind our design for the Hudson site is to create a building that speaks to the rebirth of optimism in the future of the city and an experiential destination that has a positive impact on Detroit in a meaningful way, "Said William Sharples, Director, SHoP. "The building is built around an immense and grand public space, a civic place all year round that, both in its architecture and its culture, fosters and transmits the feeling that we all share when we work together to imagine That this great city can become. "

"At its peak, Hudson was a prime destination in the heart of downtown." After the store closure in 1983, the structure would remind us of a vibrant downtown, "says Sandra Laux, Project Architect , Hamilton Anderson Associates. "We now have the opportunity to be part of creating a unique and new architecture in one of the few downtown vacancies.

The project represents the second partnership between Gilbert and SHoP in recent months,

News Via SHoP Architects, Bedrock