Denise Scott Brown achieves Jane Drew Prize 2017 for women in architecture

Denise Scott Brown awarded the Jane Drew Prize this year to raise women's architecture profile, four years after her campaign unsuccessfully retrospectively recognized her role in her husband Robert Venturi Pritzker Prize.

American architect has been announced today as the winner of the prize, which is awarded jointly by the Architects Journal and The Architectural Review, recognizing the contribution of women to the profession.

the award is "the culmination of a basic disk to see their contribution to sufficiently recognized expertise," according to organizers.

the fight for gender equality Scott Brown started in 2013, when she spoke of her role is not recognized Venturi Pritzker Prize this year for lunch time address women Architecture Awards.

To declare the retroactive contributions then began. She won the support of architects, including Zaha Hadid and Farshid Moussavi and his wife, but the back end of the Pritzker committee.

"I'm a bit of" Punch Drunk on any of the prizes, as you might imagine given my history with them, "said Scott Brown, AJ.

"But things have happened that made me feel very happy in my old age, and one of them is the prize, and the report was the work of AJ."

Scott Brown also receives Jane Drew Prize in 2017 for her architecture and its research projects. Her and Venturi credited as the founder of a lot of the post-modern movement. It also co-author of the seminal 1972 book Information Las Vegas.

After the Pritzker countryside, AIA modified the rule that said that only the people can win a gold medal in recognition and presented as Venturi and Scott Brown Award in 2016.

"I was very moved by reference Pritzker - and this is my reward at the end," said Scott Brown. "20,000 people have written in from all over the world and each of them have called me, Denise."

"This is perhaps one of the reasons why the AIA eventually moved and allowed to give a prize for two people," he added.

Jane Drew Prize winner last year was the French architect Odile Decq.

Earlier this year, the same day that hundreds of thousands of women around the world marched with equal rights, David Adjaye said the architecture and design industry still does not offer the same opportunities for both sexes.