Biasol modifies listed warehouse to restaurant and cocktail bar in East London

The design studio Biasol transformed a 19th century warehouse in Clerkenwell into a restaurant and bar with marble and velvet accents.

The new venue of 260 square meters is the eighth addition to the Grind & Co coffee chain designed by the studio in Melbourne.

Located in a historic heritage warehouse dating back to the 1870s, the space comprises two floors divided into a cocktail bar, a dining room and a basement bar for entertaining evenings.

Biasol removed the existing partitions on the ground floor to create two interconnected spaces, with the bar and private dining room on half, and the main restaurant on the other.

On the entrance, guests are greeted with the Brass Clerkenwell Grind logo that stands against a chevron-patterned wooden wall, forming a backdrop for the host desk.

Worn wood floors contrast with the luxurious aesthetics of the main dining room, including navy blue and pink velvet seats, marble tables and brass fixtures.

A velvet sofa curves around the walls of the main restaurant in the private dining room, blending with the painted navy wood walls.

"The main dining room is open and elegant, but we wanted the basement bar below to feel more fun and more feminine. Materials, colors and lighting play an important role, "say the designers.

Pink velvet chairs accompany the marble tables in the dining area, and continue in the basement where they complete the corresponding pink ceiling.

A long mirror and a curved brass shelf dressed in a colorful assortment of spirits is behind a bar of green marble.

Parquet flooring in the basement bar reflects the rafter wall, while a small stretch of pale colored tiles surround the bar.

"Behind its brick and terracotta fa├žade, we sought to create a brightly colored but elegant interior that contrasts with the architecture while respecting its heritage," the designers said.

A variety of brass lighting hangs ceilings on both floors, adding a warmth to the mainly marine interior.

Biasol also designed the interior of the Southwark Grind & Co in the neoclassical historic London building, rich in marble and flooded with natural light through its six meter high windows.

Image Courtesy  Paul-Winch Furness