100 screens welcome public art throughout New York City

When almost everyone blindly stumbles across the city, stuck on the phone, a new series of digital artworks of the social is asking New Yorkers to suspend their small screens to watch the art on the giant screens around the city.

Now, to March 5, the nonprofit will display Commercial Break at roughly four sites: Round Tent LED Brooklyn Barclays Center; Westfield World Trade Center in Manhattan; Hundreds of porn-free stands of LinkNYC; And one of the most famous billboard of all-a Times Square. It should be noted that this is the first show of the organization to simultaneously display the work in the five districts.

Previous commercial break is subject to Public Art Fund public series that worked Lightboard Times Square for most of the 1980s, replacing the usual announcement. In addition, 23 artists participating in this exhibition to the question of the ubiquity of digital images, especially advertising and its impact on real spaces, online and offline.

Public Art Fund Site is the latest job, Casey Jane Ellison paired with the sessions and more information on each IRL website.